31 March 2008

Tips - Vinegar and Dish Detergent for Showers

Here we are almost April and I haven't posted anything since late November. That's because I couldn't think of anything to post. Yesterday I was wondering who I could share something with - a tip that has saved me time and money - and that's when I realised that's what I could make the focus of my blog. All those bits of information that I've picked up through life. Time savers, money savers, energy savers, life hints, study tips. Just random bits and pieces. I'm going to try and limit myself to one tip a day, every day. Bwahahaha. Like that's gunna happen - but I will try.

So, my first tip. Got this one from Mary Hunt's daily email "Everyday Cheapskate" (you can sign up for it at http://ads.everydaycheapskate.com/).

To wash showers: mix together in a spray bottle, one part dishwashing liquid and three parts white vinegar. Spray on the tiles and glass etc. Leave for one hour. Scrub (I use scrubber pad supposedly designed for bathrooms) and rinse well. Mary's original email said "be prepared to be amazed". I wasn't - until I noticed a section I'd missed. The soap scum was about as thick as my pinky finger nail. Every where else was glistening clean. Only then did I realise just what a difference it made.

My guess is that the detergent simply makes the vinegar "sticky" keeping it on the surface long enough to penetrate the scum. My toxicology lecture (Dr Peter Dingle - from "Is your house killing you on SBS"; if you Google him a heap of pages come up) - he said that vinegar kills mould. So, you get rid of two issues at once.

I use it once a week. I use whatever dish detergent we happen to have (if it's a concentrate use only 1/2 a part); and el-cheapo vinegar. I use vinegar for so many things I go through about 2 litres a week! But more vinegar tips later.