30 June 2016

Kitchen Part 6 - Day 3 of the real renovations

There's been a week's hiatus from updates while we waited for the bench tops to be made. They were installed this morning. Tomorrow the plumber and electrician return. Tomorrow night we should have a working sink, stove top and oven. Woohoo. Saturday, Matt the Magician, returns to install shelves and (I'm hoping) handles so I can open drawers and move in. I'm guessing we can't move in completely until the splashbacks are installed. But a working sink and stove will be wonderful.

Pantry area. The toaster and coffee machine will live in here.

The sink looks tiny in that vast expanse of benchtop, but it's actually quite large.

The green is just tape marking where the handles are to go.

One 'cupboard' I have been allowed to fill up. Looks so good. I'm so very pleased with it.

23 June 2016

Kitchen Part 6 - Day 2 of the real renovations

The vision I have had in my head for the past two years or so of a walk-in pantry has been almost completely realised; just wall-shelves and 'making pretty' to happen. I am so pleased. It looks just like I thought it and I know it will work wonderfully, just like I thought it would.
Pictures of progress today:
The pale wood will be oiled and look beautiful. Functionally, it stabilises the wall AND the top piece will have hooks for hanging large pots and pans on.The fridges go against this wall, hence the wires for a new powerpoint.

The other side of the 'wall'.

A token can to demonstrate the purpose

New overheads. In this corner we had two shelves, and an old bookcase on its side on the over-deep counter-top. These cupboards will be the glassware cabinets. I'm told I'm allowed to put stuff in these.

View into my pantry. Can rack to the right, open shelving to the left and at the back. Wall shelving and counter-top still to happen

Can rack

Panorama of the kitchen from the corner. Makes it looked a bit curved,but hey whatever.

View into the kitchen from the dining room. Tape on the cupboards marks where handles will go.

Overheads have doors. The 'filler' board at the top will be painted wall colour and have cornices.

Open shelving in the pantry

Can rack (I LOVE THIS!)

22 June 2016

Kitchen Part 6 - Day 1 of the real renovations

And now the real work begins. This is so stonking exciting.
Step 1 -  remove the sink cupboard and the stove
Step 2 - rip out plaster board, add solid supports for new wall shelving, replace plaster board.

Step 3 - build in the baseboards

Step 4 - add cupboards
Pantry shelving, shelving also goes on both walls

Overhead cupboards go on the wall to the right

Shelving goes where to the two new bits of plasterboard are
Step 5 - hope excited customer keeps mitts off everything. Not a chance, I've opened, poked and pried. And this is my favourite bit (until the dishwasher goes in). It's lying on its side taped to the cupboard behind so it doesn't fall over, but this is my new wall for the pantry.

Kitchen Part 5D

I don't know if the panorama shots are worth it. But the first shot shows the pantry gone. I took them to try out Facebook's new 360° gadget.

Kitchen Part 5C

Continuing the adventure of kitchen diving. The Sunday of the same weekend. (I was pretty knackered by the end.)
New kitchen in the old kitchen, feeling right at home because we haven't removed the lino yet.

Temporary pantry and storage (and curious cat)

The stuff that left the house; most of it never to return. Hubby liberated a few pieces.

Empty cupboard, which thankfully I didn't have to clean.

Temporary dining room in the kitchen

Looking from the old dining room/new kitchen into the old kitchen/new dining room/current kitchen (confused yet?)

Temporary storage in the library. I'm hoping we don't need any of this til the adventure is over.

Kitchen Part 5B

Photos from our clearing out of the kitchen. It took a whole weekend to empty the kitchen and set up a temporary kitchen in the dining room, which used to be the kitchen. The advantage of having a jig-saw puzzle kitchen is that the pieces come apart and are reusable elsewhere.

Fridges moved to the dining room revealing the pantry behind

A set of crockery I'd forgotten we even owned

Empty spice racks, almost empty cupboards

Those white shelves? That's an old bookcase on its side. It gave us shelves and helped make the old breakfast bar feel a little shallower

Empty pantry

New kitchen set up in the old kitchen