05 May 2010

Why I Quilt

This quilt is the reason why I quilt.

We recently visited with my nephew's family. His little boy loves silky things; sleeps with a pair of boxers :-) I thought a quilt might be a little nicer, so decided to make him one when we got home. The quilt is pieced silky (poly) fabrics with a fluffy polar fleece backing.

Hurdle #1. It would seem that little boys aren't supposed to like silky fabrics, unless they also like spiders, skulls or other nasties. I simply couldn't find any suitable prints. In the end, we (The Girl & I) opted for smiley faces and a few coordinating plains.

Hurdle #2. The fabric. Horrid, horrid stuff. It doesn't square up easily (if at all); it slips when you cut it, when you sew it, when you iron it; and it shreds like overcooked corned beef. I've since been told that one trick is to use a fine soldering iron to cut it. It seals the edges; stops the shredding and gives you a firmer line for pinning/sewing.

Hurdle #3. I didn't buy enough fabric. (Do we ever?) I didn't have a plan when I went shopping; mainly because my plan was to buy 1/2 dozen or more different fabrics (see hurdle #1). I wanted to keep the pieces large to keep the silky feel (and because of hurdle #2). I eventually formed a plan (which evolved as I sewed). The main problem with it - I didn't (and don't) like it LOL. This is not one of my great works of art and craftsmanship.

So, given the numerous hurdles and hassles; that I don't particularly like this quilt; that I didn't enjoy the process of making this quilt - why is it that this quilt represents all the reasons I quilt?

Because the recipient of this quilt, little Roycey, loves it. He will no doubt wear it to pieces. I am sure it will end up a tatty bit of rag by the time he's done with it. And that, for me, is what quilting is all about. I'm not interested in the latest technique or style; or entering competitions or shows; or impressing my fellow quilts. I just love making quilts that people love, that people use and that eventually just plain wear out from use.