22 November 2007

Life, but not as we know it

Well, I thought it might happen. End of semester rolled around and writing more than a single sentence became near impossible. I've spent the best part of the last month avoiding studying and achieving very little.

I have gotten older. A whole year older in fact! Just one more year to the "big four oh". Funny thing age. I feel so out of touch with most people under 30. Haven't a clue what they're talking about a lot of the time. But I don't feel much older than about 25. Age! I said to someone it was all just in your head. And they said nope, it's all just physical. I think I like Mark Twain's take - it's mind over matter. If you don't mind, it don't matter.

So, aside from getting older and greyer (it's study and kids that do that to you) what have I been doing? Precious little. Today, being between exams, made The Girl a pirate's outfit for the end of year play. Actually, it was pretty easy. Take one picture of a sword off the net, print it out nice and big, trace onto thin ply. Use electric jigsaw (love my power tools) and cut out. Paint silver, wrap handle with wadding and leather (glue in place), stick cheap glittery rocks on the rest of the handle. Next, take one hubby sized white business shirt (its okay, it was in the Sallie's bag). Use pinking shears - cut off the sleeves at wrist length of child, cut of the bottom to suitable length, cut from the 2nd button up and around the neck to remove the collar. Next sew elastic to inside of the shoulders to gather; sew elastic to sleeves just below the elbow; add pleats or tucks to back to gather it up a bit. Hey presto, one lovely big baggy, but fitting pirate's shirt. Add black leggings, a red sash and gold belt, and pirate's hat (cheated - that came from Crazy Clarks) and you're in business. I'd love to find her some spats so it looks like she's wearing boots. Might Google it later.

Aside from that, hmmm. Discovered Facebook. What a disaster! Great tool for procrastinators. I spend most of my time in the TV trivia application. And I only watch one or two shows - both oldies. MASH and Northern Exposure. We own the entire 11 seasons of MASH on DVD and we've watched them about a dozen times. Think I've earnt myself nearly 80,000 points answering MASH questions, at 30 or 40 points a question. Sad, sad life.

And that is about as exciting as life has gotten in the past month. Seems I named my blog rather aptly!

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