12 April 2008

Tips - organising chargers

I haven't used this tip, but I think I might! I think I saw it in a copy of Handyman somewhere, but I couldn't find it on their website.

You will need
  • A fishing tackle box - one with a large space in the bottom and a removable tray at the top
  • A power board - the bigger the better, 'cause (as I'm sure you've noticed) a lot of rechargers take up two slots :-((
  • A label maker of some sort - you can buy little tags from Officeworks (?) for tagging cords (very handy around the 'puter)
  • A drill and a small, fine saw
The idea is:
  • The power board goes in the bottom of the tackle box
  • The cord goes through a slot along one edge (which is why you need a drill and saw)
  • The power cords for the appliances come up through the tray (another drill job)
  • The appliances (phones, PDAs and who knows what else) sit on the tray
  • All the extra cords sit inside the bottom of the tackle box.
  • The labels a) help you know what plugs in where and b) stop the cords falling back through the holes into the bottom of the box
The main reason I haven't used this yet is that hubby's PDA sits at the main 'puter; his phone is in the bedroom ('cause he used to work shift work and get calls at all hours); my phone and PDA sit in the study near my laptop. I love the nice, neat, tidy concept though.

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