13 June 2008

Book Reviews

One of the things I intend doing, now that uni is finished, is read. Read, read, read. I love reading. I love books. I love disappearing into another world for hours on end; and for the last six years I haven't done nearly enough reading. Well, I've done heaps of reading, but few novels. Although we own maybe a thousand or so books already I try not to buy too many books. Firstly, they're just way too expensive, particularly the way I chew through them; secondly, I don't have any more walls for bookcases; and thirdly, we have a great library system.

When I go to the library I tend to just randomly select books off the shelf. If I stumble across an author I really like I'll go out of my way to find more of their writings. I am limiting myself to borrowing 4 books at time for the moment. Each rack at the library has four shelves, so I'm picking one book off each shelf. If I keep up the reviews, when I've got all the way to "Z" I can go back and find the authors I really like.

My rating system is pretty simple:
10 - I want to own this book
7.5 - I will probably re-read this book at some point in life
5 - I wouldn't mind finding other books by this author
2.5 - I hope the author finds something better to do
0 - I found something better to do

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