14 May 2014


I received this article this morning. The writer is not Australian, probably doesn't even know we've had an unpopular budget handed down. The protagonist of his introduction is a mystery to me; I've never heard of him.

However, I couldn't help but think that many of our politicians (of all ilks and stripes) are insulated. Insulated from the real world of every day people; every day people struggling to pay their bills, provide for their families and feel like they're getting ahead, at least a little. And certainly insulated from the real world of our country's poorest - those doing it tough through no fault of their own. Of course, that insulation means our pollies are unlikely to accept that it is through no fault of their own. And even if it is of their own making, what difference does that make to an empty stomach?

How does a 17 year old who's been kicked out of home keep life and soul together if they have to wait six month for government assistance? How does a family affected by natural disaster and a downturn in the local economy, leading to job loss, keep a roof over their head if there's no financial advice available to them? How does a disabled person, who is turned away from job after job because of their ailment, feed themselves?

I have no idea if this budget will adversely impact my own situation. No doubt it will. My concern is broader than just the budget. Our politicians seem to have become more educated and less intelligent in the things that really matter.

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