01 July 2014

Girl's Bedroom Update (an old renovation)

Someone was posting about the issues they were having updating their daughter's bedroom. I'm putting these photos up mainly so I can hyperlink to them. This renovation was in 2007. Since then the Girl has moved into the master bedroom, taking the shelves with her, and most of the wall in these photos with the shelves on it doesn't exist any more. We took the middle section out to open it up to the lounge room and create a sitting room/library.
The room when we started. Our whole house was painted this not-quite-white colour. Blurgh grey. I'm really not sure why you would.

This was the first room we tried this colour scheme in. It was based on the curtains. Wish I could get more of the same fabric. The shelving system is tracks and brackets. The tracks are all equidistant apart; shelves can be used anywhere on the wall. The "Rebekah" desk has now been replaced (in her new room) with a full length sheet of melamine.

One chuffed girl.

At this point in life, the Girl hated dresses. The shelf in the far corner has a rod screwed underneath it, providing all the hanging space that she required.

And moved back in.

We replaced this bed with a 3/4-loft bed when she changed room. The space underneath provides more storage area, and a reading nook.

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Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

Thank you so much for posting these! You've got me thinking in some new directions.