07 December 2015

Christmas menu planning

Every year we have the same menu for Christmas Day. We don't always have Christmas on the same day, but we have the same menu. Last year I got organised for this year.

I bought a small plastic sleeve photo album.

I printed out everything I need to get Christmas Day meals on the table:

  • Menu
  • Recipes - for everything, including the cut up vegetables for the dips
  • Shopping list - one for each shop with like shops grouped on one page, so I can send different people in different directions
  • List of dishes required for serving
  • Cut up tags to put in each dish – this way I don't suddenly realise I need particular dish after it's got food in it
  • Timetable for preparing the food

The idea behind the photo album is that it's small enough to take to the shops; I change information if I need to (I may one day find a better recipe for crepes or potato salad. I doubt it, but anything's possible); I can use a whiteboard marker to cross things off, then start again next year.

I printed everything on photo paper, because it's nice and sturdy. If I hand hubby a shopping list, I want to know I'm going to get it back in a decent state.

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