04 January 2010


I have been busy through December (who, in the Western world, isn't?), but I have been sewing and creating. No pictures at the moment though.

I finally sewed The Man's Christmas shirt (promised last Christmas). I'm not sure he likes it; he hasn't worn it yet. Usually he wears my shirts the first opportunity he gets. It's a dark purple fabric with a black 'spray paint' through it. He chose the fabric. I added some bright yellow highlights - the collar band, a peeper through the pocket, a peeper in the yoke seam at the back, and yellow top stitching (mainly the buttonholes). I think it looks great.

I'm working on a skirt for me at the moment. It's bascially pattern-less. It's from a great book "How to make the new classics". Has lovely classic wardrobe pieces and to-scale patterns in the back. The skirt is pleated all round, with buttons down the front. My trouble has been a) shaping the waist and b) fitting pleats. I've now finalised the skirt shape and the pleats. I've topstitched them down for about 5 inches, 'cause I don't really need any more 'fluff' around my belly! Just have to put on the waistband, and buttonholes. I've downloaded some embroidery buttonholes. Just tossing up which one to use, and what colour thread to use. Contrast, co-ordinating, not sure.

I made The Girl a matching skort and shirt set before Christmas. It has a lovely dolphin embroidered on both pieces. The fabric is a lovely blue with mottled pinks, purple and green patches. She doesn't like it. "It's too pink". The fabric screams "blue" at me. The shirt isn't her "style", whatever that might mean. I'm mean enough to insist that she wear them anyways!

I also added a lovely, simple flower pattern to a very plain blue chambrey (sp) dress I have. It just adds a little lift to the dress without detracting from it's simplicity.