23 December 2009

Quilt delivered

I handed over the quilt today. It's now called "Going Places". If I wasn't so brain fried I'd tell you what book it's from, or at least which post I talked about it last in. The basic idea is you make six different blocks - rail fence, four patch, double four path, 2 solids, half square triangles. Each block is made from a different FQ and the background fabric. Instead of a single background fabric I used a mix of beiges. Once you've made all the blocks you then decide on a layout that you like.

I knew Iwouldn't be able to hide the quilt from Cara, the intended recipient, so I didn't even try. I bought the fabric at a quilting fair. I had too many FQs, so I said something about needing to decide which ones to use. She said "I like that one; not so keen on that one." I then sewed the top while sharing a table with her at retreat. When I was trying to decide on the layout, she was giving me a hard time about not being random, and kept moving blocks. We discussed the border options. I thought at some point I must have given it away; surely she would have worked out that the quilt was for her. But no, she was quite surprised tonight.

I like this pattern. I've never made a quilt to a pattern before, so it was an interesting experience - measuring everything just so. Usually I make it up as I go, and fudge what doesn't work. I was thinking tonight I'd like to make one in black and jewels. I'll add it to my "one day" list.

Original post: http://suebk.blogspot.com/2009/10/catch-up.html


Banaghaisge said...

It is fabulous - and please do remember which book it came from. I would like to make one or three too!

aubirdwoman said...

It was worth the wait (for the photo) fabulous. What a lucky friend. well done, especially in getting it finished on time. Seasons Greetings.

SueBK said...

Original post with the book details: http://suebk.blogspot.com/2009/10/catch-up.html

Julie said...

I love it Sue! I also love that you made it right under Cara's nose!!!

Helen from Hobart said...

I love the way you have used those tinsy squares to lead the eye around, and ensure it doesn't look like a mish mash - but look as if it was carefully planned.

Brilliant fun making it under her nose with her assistance !!!