31 March 2011

A quilt

Haven't posted since June last year! How time flies. I'm back at uni this year, doing some post-grad studies. So, naturally, I'm back sewing again too. It's only when you're busy that you get stuff done; at least that's the story of my life. This week I've worked 42 hours (not bad for a 'part-timer'); started and finished a quilt; finished a first draft of 2 assignments; and some how managed to not fall apart (yet).

So, to the quilt I started and finished this week. A lovely lady I work with is not well. I wanted to make something fresh and bright to add some colour to her day. It needed to be simple and quick because I knew I'd be busy. I put out a call to my on-line quilting buddies for ideas and they sent me a dozen or so wonderful options. I didn't use any of them :-) But I did use the inspiration to decide what to make.

The pattern is called Chinese Coins (I think) and the quilt is called "Chinese Coins for Health". I'm not completely sure if Chinese Coin quilts are supposed all be the same size blocks, so it might only be an almost Chinese Coins quilt.

The Teen chose the colours - pink, purple, green, and yellow. I simply pulled out the scrap bags, pulled out a dozen or so of each colour, cut various length blocks to the same width, sewed them together and quilted it with fleecy.

I also put a fair bit of maths into it, to ensure it was completely random. I realised after I was almost finished that I did the maths backwards. I worked out for a 50 inch strip, I would need so many 6 ,5 ,4, 3 and 2 inch strips. If I had 6 strips, I'd need 6 times that amount, divided by the four colours, gave me a roughly even distribution of colours and sizes. The more logical way to do it would have been to divide a 50 inch strip into 4 (colours). Divide each of the four into various sizes. Each strip would then have the same amount of each colour.

However, I like the quilt as it turned out anyway. Some fabrics repeat; some are loners; one is backwards (I decided against unpicking it); and some ended up not so random. But I still like it. I hope Jo does too.

For those like to know these things - the blocks are 4 inches wide, the sashings and borders 2 inches wide (finished). The finished quilt is supposed to be 38 x 54 inches (but with my sewing and cutting - no guarantees).


Linda said...

What a pretty quilt! It's such a simple pattern, but so effective in the colors you've chosen. You can be rightly proud of yourself for making this, and for getting it done while going to college. While working full time and attending college, I completely gave up quilting. It was an unhappy several years! Keep up your marvelous efforts.

Di said...

Your quilt is fabulous, Sue, and your friend Jo is sure to love the fresh, bright happy colours! Well done :-))

Jenny said...

I'm sure your friend will be thrilled with such a lovely gift. No doubt it is a surprise for her? Be prepared for tears when she opens her parcel! The quilt is lovely and you can be very pleased of your very thoughtful gift.

cinzia said...

I love it..so simple and yet so effective. I think it must be your colour choice and spread :)

Jan Quigley said...

It's lovely Sue, very bright & cheery. Well done!!!