20 June 2010

And Finally - Project No. 4

This has to be the last one, 'cause it's way past my bed time. I have a shirt I was given. It's a stretch t-shirt, but still a wee bit too tight. Only the arms though. And a bit too low in the front.

I fixed the front a couple of weeks ago. The shirt is grey and I had some black netting with some fancy flower work on it from another project. I put that in the front, like a sewn in camisole peeping through.

Still the sleeves were tight. I found some black lace that is actually elastic (or maybe it's elastic that is actually lace?). I cut the sleeve from cuff to shoulder and sewed the lace/elastic in. It looks pretty funky; black stripe down my arm.

It doesn't feel so crash hot. I used a narrow zig zap 'cause I didn't want to lose much to seams. And it's a bit scratchy. I have to think about what to do about that.

Again, no photos at the moment. Sorry about that.

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