14 January 2012

Mid-January Update - List of Three

Thought I'd post an update of how I'm going with my daily list of three. Just briefly.
  • It's hard going on days when I'm working. I have a million things to do (I keep a 'to do' diary for work). I don't want to put work things on my List of Three; I'm not convinced I'm going to be inspired to do anything by the time I get home; and I'm not always sure what time I'll get home or what'll be waiting for me when I do. So, I've missed a couple of days this week.
  • I haven't been Twittering my lists consistently; particularly on work days. The phone app doesn't allow me to post to Twitter. By the time I get to a computer to send them through, I've often completed them (or decided to can them).
  • The kitchen shelves from the 2nd are a bit of a bug bare. Maybe tomorrow.
  • My other bug bare (bear?) is my stationary portfolio. I've had other sewing projects (and early nights) take presidence. It keeps getting bumped off.
  • I need to make more of an effort to continue to record 'to do' items in a general list. Too often I've thought "I've got three; I'll leave that." Then later I can't remember what it was to add it tomorrow. The plan has always been to keep a "future" list; once the three are done for the day the future list is fair game. It's also supposed to 'feed' my List of Three.

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