07 July 2012

Tuesday - Friday : where does the week go?

Well, so much for posting a photo of my dinner every night! That lasted all of a day. I did take a photo on Tuesday - Indian. Wednesday we ate with friends (little rude/odd to take a photo of their table)! Thursday was a bit hit-and-miss for dinner. Friday we ate out at a restaurant (again, a little strange to take a photo).
Indian - beef madras, prahata, carrots and beans
('cause the Man can't do 'no vegetables')

So, the good stuff this week:
- I'm finally feeling like I'm over the brief course of steroids.Why anyone voluntarily takes the things is beyond me. They have a list of possible side-effects a mile long and none of them real fun.
- I've handed over my baby at work. I'm really looking forward to work on other projects, but it is really hard to let go. I just have to say "It's work; it's not personal. It is not my responsibility if the person who has been given it doesn't live up to my high standards." Similarly, if they exceed my high standards, I have to still let go!
- My next package of uni has arrived. Not sure this is a "good" point for the week, but it means I am one step closer to my Masters; one step closer to finishing this crazy journey that I swore I'd never start.
- My girl comes home from art camp today.
- I've just made a big batch of pumpkin, sweet potato, ginger and lemon grass soup. Hope it's good 'cause I'm supposed to be eating it for lunch for the next week or so!

On another note, my old (former) toxicology lecturer posted a link to research this morning. Apparently, meditation can create new brain paths. Article. In looking for info about the integrative body mind training mentioned in the article, I found this very interesting post by Jonathan Fields.

I was caught by his paragraph:
Done right, AT (Attentional Training) induces a psycho-physiological state where your heart-rate, blood pressure and levels of stressor hormones all drop precipitously, while your attention becomes highly-focused. And, inducing this state on a regular basis not only helps your mindset, it dramatically lowers your risk for heart-disease, diabetes, and various other life-limiting conditions. It helps you sleep deeper, longer and wake fewer times at night and it can lower anxiety, stress and depression. That’s where the focus has been in most of the research.

My instant thought was "this is what reading does". When I read I am highly focused; barely aware of anything going around me, but at the same time I am completely relaxed. Later in the post Jonathan actually lists some everyday activities that can induce this "Attentional Training" - running, playing music, art. When I sew I do reach a level of focus and relaxation, but not to the same extend as reading.

My conclusion - I need to read more. I haven't read (or sewed) a lot recently because of the competing demands on my time. And because I do so easily get lost in a book and it can chew up whole days. But maybe that's not such a bad thing.

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