15 April 2013

Who, who, who

I first saw these cuties on http://efemera-ink.blogspot.com.au/2010/06/wise.html. There are slightly different pattern pieces on http://moonstitches.typepad.com/photos/tutowlrial/index.html.

I'm not going to repeat the instructions in detail here, because they are on the other sites, but the basics are - three fabric pieces, one yo-yo insert, eye fabrics or buttons.

Fabric pieces:
- one rounded triangle with 12 inch sides and an 85 degree corner (red in my owl)
- one rounded triangle with 12 inch sides and a 30 degree corner (grey)
- one circle about 6 cm across (red)

Yo-yo base - about 5 cm across. I used two pieces of cardstock glued together. My card was quite thin and I thought two would be sturdier.

Sew the triangles together to form a cone. Fold over the beak and stitch down. Sew on the eyes. I sewed them on after stuffing and it was quite fiddly - he is very small. You notice that my eyes are a little lopsided. Sew a running stitching around the base on the cone. Stuff the cone then pull the base closed. Form a yo-yo with the circle and stitch to the base.

That's it really. Change the length and angles of the triangles to create larger, shorter, fatter, skinnier owls.

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