19 April 2014

Sewing Room Update - the in between

The sewing room renos continue apace. Yesterday 'those who build' put up new walls (thick ply, which holds shelves and things more securely than plaster), laid the floor boards, and put in all the trims (cornices, skirtings, window frames).

Today has mainly been painting, which takes a surprising amount of time. Still need to do the ceiling, all the trims (which are to be bright green) and one more coat on the walls. Apparently tonight, the first coat of clear on the floor goes down. The interesting thing will be keeping the cat out of the room. We 'think' we can seal it off with a piece of ply, but a determined cat is a determined cat, and I wouldn't be surprised if there were paw prints in it tomorrow.

And for some very uninteresting 'between' photos:

New walls on the left and to the end instead of weatherboards

Wall, which was put in when we did the new doors, now all patched and smoothed.

A hint of the floorboards to be.

Window sill on four edges! Woohoo.
I've also been playing around with the furniture I have, to see if I can make it work better. It works well where it all was, but I think it could work better. Obviously I can't actually move the furniture at the moment. Once I'm free to move back in, where I put my shelves will depend on where I put my furniture. BUT, I have to put the shelves back up first, because all the stuff that goes on them is currently stacked on the furniture. So, I've been playing with graph paper. Graph paper never seems translate to real life as well as I would hope; I'll let you know next week how well it panned out.

Edit: couple of more slightly more interesting photos
Unfinished floor boards
First coat going on the floor


Fran C said...

lot's of measurements not forgetting furniture that has opening doors and drawers. I did that for my sewing room and everything fitted except for the pull out on my Horn cabinet. I can't open that then sit at the computer. Lovely to get a sparkling new look area for sewing.

SueBK said...

Fran, that's one of my current problems. I can't easily open the drawers of fabric. I think my new layout gets around some of the issues I'm having. I hope.

ozjane (Glenice) said...

Will be interesting to see the shelves on the walls. That is about the only space I have left..tis covered in cat posters now but could be shelves if very strong and stable because underneath one lot would be computer printer etc and under the other would be sewing machine.....Hmm still thinking on that one.

SueBK said...

I've been playing around with my shelves. So glad I took photos of them before I unpacked them - I can work out how deep they all are and where I can rearrange them to.
I actually think with my new arrangement I will get a small design wall (woohoo) and a spare wall I can shelve later if I need it. I think! We'll see how it works out in reality.

RhondaF said...

Starting to look great - love the floor boards.

mazaquilt said...

Hi Sue , I have no doubt about your finished workroom. Precision built to your workwoman like mind and a joy to work in. You always seem to overcome obstacles and reach the finish you want.

SueBK said...

Marilyn, I'll try to remember to post about some of the things that help make my small space work. For me, one of them is definitely mindset. I measured the space and realised it was half the size of the room I was using - the room I was sharing with the family's "I wonder where to put this" stuff, guest bed/sofa, and music corner. I figured I was probably getting less than half of that to use; and I had to be able to pack it all up and out of sight for visitors. This space *feels* so much bigger because I'm not sharing.