23 April 2014

Sewing Room Update - Tah Dah

Let me preface this post by saying I'm exhausted and so my typing, if not my thinking, may be a little incoherent at times. It has taken all day, but I'm almost finished. Just one more modification/improvement, which I only thought of today. But more of that when I actually do it.

At some point, I'll do a side-by-side comparison post, but for the moment, here are some photos of the finished product.
The east end as it looked this morning.

The west end as it looked this morning.

Beautiful new floor boards.

The east end tonight. My "graph paper plan" was to have both desk run along the wall, but I think I mis-measured one as 100cm instead 120cm and I was about 10cm short of wall :-( So, the L shape remains, albeit at the opposite end of the room. The end wall has four shelving tracks. The ones directly behind the sewing machine run to the floor. This lets me put things under the desk but off the floor - such as my Vlisofix, which I keep in a mailing tube with a bunch of moisture suckers.

The west end tonight. The biggest change to my set up is two new peg boards. I do love them. I've hung my rulers on the wall for years, but being able to change them around without leaving any marks - brilliant.

West end, pegboard and ironing corner. I will have to roll the Horn cabinet out to access my overlocker, which is stored in it, but I had to do that anyway, so no biggie.

West end, cutting table and mainly fabric storage (not entirely, but there is no fabric not stored in this corner).

East end, study/writing/crafting desk. A friend suggested putting the desks at this end because they'd be under the window, with more natural light than the other end (where they were). The added bonus is that they're also not as exposed to the lounge room. Apparently it's better feng shui to not sit with your back to an open door.

East end, sewing corner. Self explanatory, really.

I originally thought I'd have enough space to include these on the back wall - if the two desks ran down one wall. But the L-arrangement meant I lost access to the longer shelf track. But that's okay. The shorter shelves work fine here.

And this is the one modification still to be made, but more on that later. One added bonus of moving my desks to the east end, the cat flap is no longer under my feet when I'm sitting at the desk. The cat and I will both appreciate that!
My roll of bag wadding. Awkward stuff 'cause you can't really fold it. Simple solution - one entrance way, two curtain hooks and a rod. Problem solved.


ozjane said...

So glad my back is not to the door when I am at the computer, half to door at machine.....and fully to door when I stand to cut. LOL
Well done. I am envious of your energy and commitment. I hope I am making a few crawling moves towards sewing again...but they are painfully slow.

Di said...

Sue, it's coming along so nicely. How exciting to have a place for everything, and everything in its place. Love your bag wadding solution :-) this will be a great space for getting the creative juices flowing.

Jenny F said...

I am impressed at how well you have organised a small space to be so workable for you. Well done!

Helen from Hobart said...

Brilliant Sue - thinking, planning, sourcing and getting it done. I wish I had half your energy.

Jeri Dansky said...

Congratulations on completing this project!