03 March 2015

Blog planning

I've been so busy trying to juggle a j-o-b (bit of a dirty word at the moment), commuting (oh to live in a small town), a Year 12 student (I remember how dreadful it was), life, house, blah-blah-blah, that fun things have taken a bit of a back seat. I really want to blog on a regular basis. As an editor, I know that good writing comes with practice, and I'm sadly out of it (practice and good writing).
Last night I was tossing up ideas of what post about this week. I couldn't settle one idea because a) I have a heap of them buzzing around my brain and b) they all seem like hard work right now. I thought I'd cheat and simply list all the things I plan to post about ... soon. That is, I'll list them now, I'll post about them soon ... ish. If you check back occasionally I might have gotten around to which one interests you. I'll try to remember this post is here, and update it as I go with links to the finished post.

Pantry - the new walk-in pantry is progressing. We have shelves on the walls. Last weekend we were slated to build the new internal, divider wall/can rack, but it was postponed. (Previous posts here, and here).
FMQ extravaganza - last year I mentioned to my online quilting group I wanted to improve my free motion quilting. One very proactive lady set up the "FMQ Extravaganza" - a challenge to FMQ something twice a month and post photos. I'm yet to actually start :-( BUT I will.
Zoo - over January, as part of our road trip to Victoria, we spent the night at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo. We had the best time and I wanted to share our experiences.
365 Challenge - I've rebooted my 365 challenge efforts. This year I'm aiming for 365 designs or ideas. They don't have to be complete, worked out patterns or designs. I don't have to ever make them. I just have to draw a rough sketch and make a few notes on my thinking and ideas.
Cheryl's quilt - last year I finished my quilt for my SIL. During our holidays, it was on the wall in our room. I kept looking at it, thinking, "Man, that is some quilt!" I was just so impressed, and simply amazed that I'd created something like that.
Wardrobe modifications - I recently spring cleaned my wardrobe. I'm in process of 'renovating' some outfits that never get worn. I thought I might share some of my success stories.
Cooking roster - due to the j-o-b we've implemented a cooking roster in our house, which seems to be working out okay.
Plan to Eat - I love this website/app. 
Bullet journalling (or not) and Toodledo - my latest attempts to be organised, efficient, and get everything done.

I think that's all for the moment. I might add new topics to my list as time goes by. First new post due next week (according to my schedule). Still, not sure what I want to write about yet. Maybe I should just put them all in a hat and pick one out.

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Jeri Dansky said...

So many of those sound great! Professionally, I'm especially interested in the bullet journal and the wardrobe modifications. Personally, I'm especially looking forward to the Zoo and Cheryl's quilt. But I think they'll all be fun to read.