25 March 2015

Let it go - The story of frozen (or not) food

It's somewhat amazing that certain individuals in our household have survived as long as they have. In fact, it's amazing the rest of us have survived with them.

Last Tuesday the switch to our full-size freezer was accidentally turned off. We left town on Wednesday afternoon and didn't realise until Sunday night. A costly accident, but more annoying than anything. I'd been doing so well with double-batching meals that we were looking forward to a month of minimal cooking :-(

Rubbish collection is Thursday morning, so the decision was made to switch the freezer on until then rather than have the food sitting in the late-summer heat (which is more like mid-summer) in the bin.

Tonight I've been fielding questions:
"What about ...?"
"Can't we keep ...?"
"Some of it should be okay, right?"

NO! NO!! AND AGAIN, NO!!! (I think the extra exclamation marks are warranted.)

Let it go, let it go
Can't hold it back any more
Let it go, let it go
Turn away and slam the door!

1 comment:

Ozjane said...

Oh dear....I would be struggling also.
I hate throwing away food.
I have been writing slogans that say something like....just because the price is reduced, the calories are not!
And what did I do today. Bought a second ham to glaze....it was $61 approx. I paid half price. And the lady who served me was from the meat department and assured me it was fine. Just store procedure that it had to be marked down.