17 October 2007

Cheap Fun

I found my blue food colouring, so I've had some cheap fun this afternoon. I've done my assignment, so I'm technically not really procrastinating. Except for all that other study I have waiting for my attention.

You take nine containers all roughly the same size and food colouring in the three primary colours (red, yellow, blue). Mine are all motel shampoo type bottles. Set up your bottles in a triangle:

In "R" put three drops of red, in the "2"s next to "R" put two drops of red, and in the "1"s put 1 drop.

In "B" put three drops of blue, two drops in the "1"s, 1 drop in the "2"s.

And finally, repeat for yellow - three drops of yellow in "Y", two in bottles closest, and one in the next lot out.

Shake well and you end up with a spectrum of colours. Some of my bottles show the colour better than others. And I suspect my blue is slightly more 'powerful' than the red and yellow. But still, it's a cheap fun way to make a colourful bathroom display.

I picked this technique up off a DVD by Michele Steele, a well known Australian quilter. She was demonstating how to dye fabric. I really can't justify the time or effort to play with fabric at the moment, so I'm content to play with my little bottles. I have fabric dying on my list of Christmas holidays things to do.

The things normal people do to fill in a half hour!

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