17 October 2007


Here it is Wednesday, again, already. Big plans for this week. ASSIGNMENT! Due Friday and I haven't even worked out the question yet. Too much time wasted on the computer playing stupid games. When I close my eyes and see the game pieces - I know I've played too much!

Had some advice that I had too many tomato plants in one pot. I transplanted them on Sunday afternoon. I was a bit worried I'd lose at least two of them as they were rather droopy on Monday. But they seem to have come good. I already have two baby fruit :-) Fresh tomatoes. Toast, with real butter, fresh tomatoes, little bit salt and bit of fresh cracked pepper. Yum. Nothing better.

Had lots of thoughts churning around. The election. I'm sick of it already. I know as a middle-aged, "responsible" citizen I'm not supposed to feel that way. But really! If I could say one thing to politicians "GROW UP. Get over yourselves already."

Cancer. Seems everyone I know knows someone going through it at the moment. I haven't heard anyone official come out and say cancer rates are rising; but it sure seems that way to me. I had a toxicology lecturer who was down on plastics. Says plastics cause all sorts of issues. I still use plastic heaps, but I think about it every time I reach into the cupboard.

I'm sure there's lots of other thoughts floating around in there; but they're being crowded out by the undone assignment. I guess I should just go do it, so I can think clearly again!

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