13 October 2007

Friends and Food

I have achieved just about zip this week, except for a high score on my new time wasting computer game (http://www.addictinggames.com/cubis2.html). And I swept the floors. It's hot enough to go without shoes at the moment, but that means you can feel if the floor is dirty. I guess that's the disadvantage of having wooden floor boards (can't think of any others).

But, I've had a rather satisfactory week. Wednesday afternoon we zoomed out to the international airport to spend an hour with Nem who was enroute from sunny Queensland to NZ. She hasn't changed since I first met her nearly 20 years ago. Nem would be one of the truly beautiful people I've met in life. If Dove wanted nominations for their 'real beauty' ad campaign, I'd put Nem forward in a flash.

After the airport we choofed down to the Gold Coast. With the traffic it took about 1.5 hours. But it was worth it. Had dinner with Pete, a friend up from Melbourne for a conference. Seafood buffet. I love my seafood. I think I got my money's worth (or Pete's money worth, since he paid). I had at least 2 dozen oysters, and I lost count of the prawns. I'm guessing it was around 2 dozen. I had a little salad - just to keep it balanced. And desert, but it wasn't really worth the effort. I should have had more oysters.

Tonight we're going over to Narelle's 'cause she's got bubbles to celebrate a new job. I love bubbles. My favourite intoxicants are bubbles and rum.

As a kid my favourite meal out involved oysters, bubbles and cheesecake. I really didn't care what came in between. Now days I'm pretty fussy about what sort of cheesecake I like, but I'm thinking to top off the perfect week, food wise, I need to pop over to the Cheesecake shop and get something sickly delicious. If not cheesecake, then a lemon merengue or a scrummy carrot cake.

At the wedding last weekend I had a wonderful lemon/lime merengue. It was so tart you needed the merengue. I hate it when the lemon is as sweet as or even sweeter than the merengue. I think people miss the whole point of putting lemon and merengue together.

In the meantime this ordinary life requires that I go put away the fruit and veg I bought this morning. The work of a mother is never done!

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