30 November 2009

Christmas is under control

In case you haven't noticed, Christmas is just around the corner. And this year I am organised.

Pressies for scattered rellies - bought/made, wrapped, carded, boxed. Ready to post.
Christmas catch up letter - written, printed on Christmas cards
Cards - personalised, stuffed, sealed
Card envelopes - printed (I'm too darn lazy to hand write when technology will do it for me)

To do: get hubby to write on his mum's card; buy a present for brother (simply sorted); buy stamps; post boxes and cards.

Then all I have to think about is The Man, The Girl and my nana, for whom I want something special and I haven't had any brain waves yet.

Creative effort tonight? As part of our Christmas present for family we included a personally chosen Bible verse. I printed them out all pretty and nice with some Christmas clipart and fancy fonts. I also dreamed up 50 different ways of saying "have a great year/hope you had a great year/enjoy Christmas".

1 comment:

cinzia said...

your brain is still thinking at this time of the week.. I am impressed and doubly so at the fact that you could think of 50 different ways of saying Merry Xmas... I am happy if I can come up with one generic 'different' way of saying it that I can use on all of my cards.

Merry Xmas to you and your family