25 May 2013

Coffee table make over

Some years ago, a considerable number, friends gifted us with a broken dining room chair. They didn't just turn up and say, "Hey, look what we have for you." They were tossing them out and I bagged one. The chairs were wooden, cheap, and constantly breaking. In design they were similar to these. The problem our friends had was the backs kept breaking. I thought I could use the base for a coffee table in our lounge room.

When I got the chair home I painted it. The intended colour scheme for our house, all those years ago, was a greeny-blue with dusty pink and sky blue highlights. That went out the window with the first room we painted. The current scheme is pale butter yellow with bright lime green and pale sea green accents. The chair, come coffee table, was painted in the original scheme. I tried to be clever and highlight the shaped bits on the legs, but I was never very happy with it.
Coffee table just peaking in the bottom right hand corner.
Temporary covers on the chair being our current scheme.
Today I decided to finally 'fix' the table. Aside from the colour, the biggest issue with the 'table' is that wooden dining room chairs have a "bottom indent" - they're not flat on top! To solve that problem I cut a piece of board slightly bigger than the widest dimension. I also cut a board to sit over the structural supports to provide a second tier of 'table'. And I painted the whole thing bright green - no attempt at fancy highlights.

I like the result; however, the family insist it's "wrong". The table is supposed to be pink & blue and daggy and mismatching. That's just the way it's supposed to be!

My plan is to make a cover that sits over the top. Maybe I'll incorporate some pink & blue and dagginess in that.

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