27 May 2013

Not wasting it

For many years I have received an excellent weekly newsletter, written by Philip E. Humbert, called Tips. One of the main reasons I love Philip's newsletter is that he has a broad definition of success. I've signed up (and unsigned) from many newsletters because they define success purely in terms of money or things or stuff. Philip understands that, while that may be Joe and Jane's definition, it's not necessarily everyone's definition, and his newsletters reflect that balanced view of life.

(To sign up for Tips, subscribe at http://www.philiphumbert.com.)

I mention the newsletter because this week there was a sentence or two that resonated with me.

I'm going to make a strong, blunt statement that may offend some, but here goes: I believe too many of us have grown flabby and lazy. We enjoy our freedoms and our wealth and our opportunities, but we also squander them.

If you missed it, some weeks ago I was made redundant . There's not a lot of work on offer in my particular field . On the upside, not having to trudge an hour into the office every morning, work for 5 hours, and then trudge an hour home again, has given me amazing freedom. Several weeks ago I realised that freedom could easily be squandered. In fact I was caught out ;-) I was using my freedom to read in bed in the morning. I love reading. I love reading in bed. I love reading in bed in winter and not getting up until it's warm. This particular morning, just as I was getting up, the phone rang. It was the school, "Could you please come and pick up a sick child?" In my pyjamas? Surely not!

Since then I have tried to keep to a schedule. I have worked hard not to be a grouchy perfectionist about it, but I have routine and I am (I believe) making the most of my freedom. And it's starting to show. Projects are getting done; tasks are being accomplished. My daughter "accused" me of being a "real mum" the other day. If it wasn't for the family budget, I think I could get used to this freedom.

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