24 May 2013

Corned Beef Hash

Got a couple of recipe type posts coming up. Here's the first one. This was a new, trial recipe for me. The others enjoyed it. Can't say I was much fussed. Sadly, I only have one photo. Taking photos of my food is a little foreign to me.

Corned Beef Hash mix
What was in my hash mix? In the photo the big, bright green 'thing' to the right - that's a spatula. Just in case you were wondering.

Otherwise - left over corned beef, carrot, baby spinach leaves, onion, celery - all put through the food processor. Really, you could put just about anything in these. There could even be some zucchini in this mix. Just put everything through the food processor or grater to ensure it's a fairly even consistency.

Grated raw potato, which isn't yet in this photo. The trick is to dry the potato as thoroughly as possible. My dad's suggestion is to use a potato ricer (pictures on this website). They look a bit like an overgrown garlic press. After pressing the grated potato, dry them on paper towel. I'm thinking another option might be to use a salad spinner (Ikea's version). I don't own either, so I squeeze by hand, and then put the potato into one mesh seize, put another on top and squeeze them together.

I also added an egg (probably needed two, but I didn't have two) and some spices.

Form about a tablespoon or so into a ball, place (don't drop) into hot oil and flatten. That's really all there is to is.

Like I said, I wasn't fussed, but it's an easy way to use up a bunch of left corned beef and veggies.

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