09 July 2013

Creativity Journal - Day 5 (Collections)

No, don't go looking, there is no Day 4 entry. Day 4 requires a five minute walk. My current project is the garden - lots of digging and lugging of dirt and tools and plants. After a couple of hours of getting muddy, I'm not walking any further than the bathroom. The garden project will hopefully last until the weekend. Hope is based on the weather, pacing myself and not getting hurt. (Point 2 and 3 may or may not be related.) Therefore, I decided (my creativity, my rules) that I would "postpone" Day 4 until a more suitable time and keep on moving on. Otherwise, I'm likely to stall after just three days.

Introducing Day 5:
What do you collect? Work with a collection of objects you have in your home (or borrow a friend's if you like).

What do I collect? Nothing on purpose, lots of things in the course of just living my life. The first thing that came to my mind; however, was books. I love books. I'd love an unlimited budget (and space) to buy all the books I could imagine. Books are an obvious fit for the word theme I'm following, but what about the fabric theme? Today is one of those days I thought would happen, where I combine both themes. To create this challenge, I have used books from my craft stash. I have only two shelves of crafting, mainly sewing, books, which is quite restrained on my part, I feel.

This is View 1 of my creative challenge. As you can see from some of the covers, these are mainly sewing books.

The green book on the far right is very special.

It was given to me when I was in primary school by a family friend. It's called "The Australian girls' book of crafts, pets, sports and hobbies" by Prudence and Anthony Harvey. It's all black and white; no colour pages. It has over 80 topics and covers just about anything a girl could have been interested in in the 70s.

I credit it with being one of my earliest inspirations to be creative. Sadly, it never really inspired me to be athletic, although it covers nearly 20 sporting activities.

But, back to today's creative challenge. This is View 2:
Books are words
What do you collect? Stamps, coins, something unusual, or just dust bunnies under the bed?

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