10 July 2013

Creativity Journal - Day 6 (Fruit/Vegetable)

Look in the kitchen and work with the first fruit or vegetable you spot. It could be in the form of juice, jam or even canned.

The first fruit/vegetable I spotted was an old apple, an old banana and several tomatoes in the fruit bowl on the table. The banana is slatted for banana bread. Baking is creative, but doesn't really fit my themes. The tomatoes are expensive. Why, I'm not really sure. They're as tough as old boot leather and about as tasty. Leaving the apple for me to play with.

There is a quilt pattern known as the Apple Core. I've never made one. All those curved edges, which have to meet at the points. I have enough trouble getting straight edges to meet at the points. Still, it's an interesting pattern. What I did discover tonight is, if your template is perfect the thing doesn't work. IF I should ever decide to make this pattern, I think I will purchase a plastic template to ensure accuracy.

The word connection with apples is, I believe, quite obvious. 'A is for Apple', it's one of the first things you learn related to words and the alphabet.

In theory and viewing, my creative challenge tonight hasn't been much of a challenge. However, I have discovered that old, wrinkly apples do not carve easily. The wrinkles distort and hide the lines you mark. And, unlike fabric, you can't unstitch and start again. Still, I was creative. I did something I wouldn't normal do. I re-discovered a quilt pattern that could be an interesting challenge to make (with fabric), so not exactly a wasted effort.

Apple Core quilt pattern, with a few mis-cut 'seams'.

This is an apple!

A is for Apple
I do hope the chooks appreciate my creative effort.

What would working with fruit or vegetables inspire you to do?

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