03 July 2008

A Woman's Place - Lynn Austin

This book I really enjoyed. It follows the lives of four American ladies during WWII. The story is told alternatively from each of the four's point of view. The ladies are all in Michigan, and start working in a boat factory after the bombing of Pearl Harbour. Virginia is married with two boys and feels she's being taken for granted. Helen is an older, single, rich lady who's parents have recently died. Rosa is a rough nut from NY who has married impulsively and now living with her strict in-laws. Finally Jean is a country girl who has come to the city to make money during the war until her life can get back on track.

The only false note I found was that disaster and grief happens all at once towards the end of the book. I felt it would have been easier to draw the reader into the grief if there was more space for it to develop.

One of the issues tackled by this book is women's role in society, and what is Biblical and what is actually society's interpretation.

I will probably read other books by Austin, as I've read reviews that say this isn't one of her better books. I give this book a 5.

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