24 July 2008

Take These Broken Wings, Lyn Andrews

Take These Broken Wings. Lyn Andrews. Poor girl makes good. Its a lovely concept, but it all seems to happen way too easily to be very believable. And I simply DO NOT buy into people catching a glimpse of someone and falling in love and staying insanely! in love for YEARS on end. Nope.

Anyone reading these reviews will think that I'm anti-romance. I don't mind a good romance. I just don't buy the eternal love at first sight type goop. And I don't buy the 'I hate you today but love you tomorrow' deal either.

Basic plot of this book. Hannah grows up in a poor area of town. Her mum dies when she's young; her dad is called up to fight in WWI. He leaves her with relatives in Wales. When he's killed in action, the relatives (charming bunch) dump her in a work house (another charming bunch). YEARS (I guess more than 10) later the chaplain of her dad's unit tracks her down and arranges for her to be servant in a fancy house - back in the town she grew up in. How convenient. She catches a glimpse of the youngest son and falls in love. Pining, withering love. Spare me please. He gets married, she's, well heartbroken is probably an understatement.

While I enjoyed the writing style the central idea of unfailing love based on a single glimpse of someone - I just don't buy it. Still, I'm tempted to find other books by the author, particularly if they avoid romance, so I give it a 4.

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