23 July 2008

Book Reviews to Do

Hmmm, got a few books piled up that are due back at the library. This post is really just to remind myself to get around to writing the review.

Dearest Dorothy, If Not Now, When? Charlene Ann Baumich. Rose coloured glasses living in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere USA. Everyone seems to be super nice; except the ones that aren't. Some good bits of reality; but too 'cozy' for my taste.

Tommy Glover's Sketch of Heaven. Jane Bailey. Really enjoyed this book. Little girl is sent out of London to the country during WWII, and proceeds to turn the town upside down. Wonderful twists; wonderful understanding of human nature and secrets and loves and hates and guilt. Really enjoyed this.

The Dallancy Bequest. Tessa Barclay. PURLEASE! This book was labelled as a mystery. It was a more a soppy romance with a bit of historical detective work thrown in. Did not really impress me at all.

Take These Broken Wings. Lyn Andrews. Poor girl makes good. Its a lovely concept, but it all seems to happen way too easily to be very believable. And I simply DO NOT buy into people catching a glimpse of someone and falling in love and staying insanely! in love for YEARS on end. Nope.

The Untouchable. John Banville. Interesting, very interesting. The protagonist is a spy; an old spy who has been found out. I didn't enjoy the lifestyles. Maybe there are people who do live so hedonistically and survive. But I don't know any.

The Heavens Before. Kacy Barnett Gramckow. The story of how Noah's sons found their wives. I enjoyed this book, and I'll probably look for follow up stories. Like so many novels; however, the goodies are all good, and the badies are all bad. Still, it was an interesting tale, with interesting characters and storylines.

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Charlene Ann Baumbich said...

Thanks for the Dearest Dorothy mention! I'm wondering if you read the previous books in the series since this is #6.

I agree, the Welcome to Partonville series (aka Dearest Dorothy series) is in the "cozy" category, in that there is no objectionable language etc.. As for everyone being super nice? Hm. Reader mail the last six years assures me that the characters are highly relatable, and feel very real to them. Same kinds of problems, issues, torments and joys as the rest of us.

However, is Partonville, my fictional town, cozy? I HOPE SO!

Again, thanks for the mention!

Charlene Ann Baumbich
Author of the Dearest Dorothy series