24 July 2008

The Heavens Before, Kacy Barnett Gramckow

The Heavens Before. Kacy Barnett Gramckow. The story of how Noah's sons found their wives. I enjoyed this book, and I'll probably look for follow up stories. Like so many novels; however, the goodies are all good, and the baddies are all bad. Still, it was an interesting tale, with interesting characters and story lines.

An interesting book. The book centres around the bride to be (Annah) of Noah's middle son, Shem. She lives in a settlement not far from where Noah is building his ark. When she was younger she witnessed her older brother kill her father. He attempted to kill her and since then she acted dumb (both without speech and without wits). She believes it is the only thing that has kept her alive.

One day she's sitting by the river and 'meets' Shem who is on the other side of the river. They communicate without words. Shem because of the distance; Annah because that's how she communicates. A relationship develops between and Shem takes her as his bride.

While still focusing on Annah, the story then moves to how brides for the other two sons are found, and then the flood and briefly the post flood period.

My difficult with this book was that the baddies are all bad. The people of the village just have no saving graces. And the goodies (Noah and his family) are all good. BUT, the reason for the flood and the saving of Noah's family is that God could find no one else in the world deserving of saving. So, perhaps in this case the bad baddies and good goodies is justified.

I am interested in finding the other two books in this trilogy, so I give this book about a 7.

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