20 June 2010

New Whiteboard - starting my busy weekend

Haven't blogged for ages. I have done a few things, here & there. This weekend I've been especially productive. I've started a new "whiteboard" of projects on the go/in the planning.

Did you know you can use ordinary glass as a whiteboard? I "knew" that 'cause all our office whiteboards are actually glass walls, but I didn't "know" that until I read it somewhere. DUH! I have a picture frame; el-cheapo and a bit dodgy for hanging on the wall (probably fall apart in the middle of the night and scare the bee-gee-bers out of all of us). I put a piece of paper in the frame and, hey presto, a new handy sized whiteboard to list all my projects on.

The entire list (which is not the "entire" list) was a bit disheartening. I mean, where to begin. I had several Spotlight bags on my desk of things bought for various projects. Just overwhelming.

However, I overcame the whelming, and started.

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