20 June 2010

Project No. 1

Every year, at least once, we stay with a wonderful person in Goomeri. Maggie is a fellow Meniere sufferer, only she's a lot worse off than I am. She's lots of fun and a very generous spirit. She has a lovely old Queenslander, which originally she was doing up for a B&B, 'til the Meniere's got too bad. In her kitchen she plans to put gingham curtains on the cupboards.

During our last visit, while she was having a nap, I snuck about and found a tape measure and measured the cupboards. When we got home, I realised I'd stuffed up when I wrote the numbers down. Digit dyslexia strikes again. I wrote the 'rail' to the bottom shelf was 20.5 inches, and the under-bench to bottom shelf was 25 inches. However, I knew positively, that it was NOT 5 inches to from the underbench to the rail. So, were the numbers 25.5 and 25 or were they 20 and 20.5? Who knew? Not me.

I very sneakily found Maggie's good friend & neighbour on Facebook and asked her to sneakily remeasure the cupboards for me. Once that was done, I went and bought the fabric. Lime green 1/8 inch gingham.

I started with this project because it's quite simply the simpliest. A casing at the top for the elastic wire to thread through, a hem at the bottom. I left them full width, which is about 2.5 times the width of the cupboards. They might be a bit full, but I figure it's easier to make them narrower than to make them wider.

The three curtains are all packaged up, addressed, and waiting for a trip to the Post Office tomorrow.

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