20 June 2010

Project No. 3 - Cushion Covers

For several years our once-white lounge has been covered with an assortment of sheets or blankets. They always come untucked, ended trailing on the floor and generally looking rather tacky. Sadly, the once-white also looks a little tacky.

Today, I cut up the sheet currently being used and made covers for the seat cushions. Reasonably simple process. Given the sheets are old and aren't furnishing quality I didn't want to go to too much effort, expense or time. Basically, I made a fitted sheet for each cushion.

Working with a piece of fabric I knew would more than fit the cushions. (Covers the top, the sides and comes in about 3-4 inches on the bottom)
Pin the fabric to the top of the cushion so it's smooth.
Turn the cushion upside down.
Pin the sheet around the edge of the bottom.
This leaves 'dog ears' at the corners. Pinch and fold the corners. Pin the corners.
Remove all the pins (except the corners).
Take the cover off the cushion.
Sew the corners. I laid the each corner out flat and drew a straight line where it was pinned before I sewed.
Cut off the dog ears.
Sew a casing around the edge, thread elastic through casing.

Edit 22 June 2010 - here's a photo.

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