18 June 2012

Sunday 17 June 2012 - in the sewing room

I call myself a quilter, I say I quilt, my hobbies include quilting. I just never do any sewing . However, Sunday afternoon I had a "must do" project. I had promised to 'test drive' a new pattern for a fellow quilter who runs Patchwork Promises. It was 'only' a pincushion, so I figured it wouldn't take long and it didn't. Just an hour and half.

It did; however, inspire me to get some small projects done that have been bugging me for a while. First, the minky blanket. It's lovely and soft and warm and snuggly. It's also two layers and during the night you realise that the edge is somewhere half-way down the bed and you're all twisted and tangled. My original plan was to run it through the embroiderer with a simple chain pattern, but it's too thick for the hoops. It is possible to embroidery thick fabric, but it's a hassle. So, Plan B - a single line of stitching about a hand's width from the top and bottom. And it worked!

Project number 3 was a draught excluder for the bathroom. When we renovated the bathroom the old concrete and tile floor came out and beautiful wooden floor went in. We haven't 'got around' to the door yet, which means there's a two inch gap between floor and door and there's 2 inches of cold winter air creeping around your wet toes this time of year. My draught excluder needed to be custom designed. Being a small family of three, in a small house of one bathroom (that's loo and shower and basin in one room; not common in Australia) people wander in and out all the time. Particularly in the morning. My draught excluder has a "pull tag". Too often I'm in the shower, someone comes in, leaves, the draught excluder (to date a rolled up bath mat) stays behind when they close the door; letting out all my nice heated air and letting in the cold stuff. This one has a pull tag so when the door is closed it can be pulled back in place from outside.
Draught excluder, with 'pull tag' on my lovely bathroom floor

And project number 4 - a mini draught excluder to make up for the not-so excellent fitting cat flap from Saturday.

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