06 June 2012

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Today at work I forecast projects I know I'm involved in over the next couple of months. If I could find a clone or two, I'd still be too busy, but strange enough, that just makes me extraordinarily happy. All the work I have forecast is editing work. Yippee! Not quite sure how I juggle 70 hour weeks for a couple of months, but I'm actually sure it won't actually amount to quite that much (I hope!).
To top off my day, as I pulled into the driveway, my phone rang. My past supervisor, who has moved north, rang to see if I could take on another editing role.


Jeri Dansky said...

And that image comes from Bob Lucas.
See here.

Susan Korrel said...

Thanks for the link back to the owner, Jeri. This is one of my favourite grammar-cites.