22 June 2016

Kitchen Part 2

In early 2003 we were given a stove that didn't fit in the kitchen, so we put it in the dining room.

The two openings on the bottom of my carefully drawn plan lead into the lounge room and onto the front door. The door in the top left is the back door, and the hallway to the bathroom and bedrooms leads off the bottom left. Wherever you wanted to go in the house, you went through the

The kitchen, on the other hand, was not so much the hub of the house, as the round-about of the house. All traffic flowed through the kitchen. Then we (that's a royal we) had the bright idea of moving the entire kitchen into the dining room. The dining room (as was) was a 'dead-end' room, which made it much safer as a kitchen (and easier to hide the dishes from visitors).

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