23 June 2016

Kitchen Part 6 - Day 2 of the real renovations

The vision I have had in my head for the past two years or so of a walk-in pantry has been almost completely realised; just wall-shelves and 'making pretty' to happen. I am so pleased. It looks just like I thought it and I know it will work wonderfully, just like I thought it would.
Pictures of progress today:
The pale wood will be oiled and look beautiful. Functionally, it stabilises the wall AND the top piece will have hooks for hanging large pots and pans on.The fridges go against this wall, hence the wires for a new powerpoint.

The other side of the 'wall'.

A token can to demonstrate the purpose

New overheads. In this corner we had two shelves, and an old bookcase on its side on the over-deep counter-top. These cupboards will be the glassware cabinets. I'm told I'm allowed to put stuff in these.

View into my pantry. Can rack to the right, open shelving to the left and at the back. Wall shelving and counter-top still to happen

Can rack

Panorama of the kitchen from the corner. Makes it looked a bit curved,but hey whatever.

View into the kitchen from the dining room. Tape on the cupboards marks where handles will go.

Overheads have doors. The 'filler' board at the top will be painted wall colour and have cornices.

Open shelving in the pantry

Can rack (I LOVE THIS!)

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