22 June 2016

Kitchen Part 4

About two years ago, wandering through Ikea, I started wondering - why is it that an Ikea display kitchen, which is about the same size as mine, can fit a table or a big island bench or... And then I saw it: a display kitchen with a wall through the middle. Storage on one side, kitchen on the other. Revelation.
I came home and said, "I'm moving the fridges out to the middle of the floor." Daniel, showing the wisdom of long years of marriage, said, "Whatever you want, honey."

After about six weeks of the fridges in the middle of the floor, we put in shelves on the walls, and so was born our walk-in pantry.

Difficult to tell from the photo, but this is the fridges pulled forward off the wall.
Fridges where they 'belong'. On a wall.

Although we swapped the rooms around, the kitchen still spilt out into the dining room, because there just wasn't enough counter top space to keep it all in one room.

Fridges pulled forward

Looking in behind the fridges. The brown cupboard was moved from the dining room.

Narrow, but plenty big enough for a pantry

Looking out from the pantry

Minimal spill over into the dining room

Shelves added to the pantry

The old pantry. Big cupboards look like they should be fantastic, but they're a disaster. I found four bottles of soy sauce when I cleaned it out.

The second pantry cupboard lost its doors; they became the shelves in the new pantry.

Wide-angle of the new walk in pantry.

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