22 June 2016

Kitchen Part 5A

This is where the photos really start to get crazy. Finally we are getting a new kitchen. If you look at the photos, you might notice that most of our kitchen is a pale apricot colour. If you look closely, you might notice that there's at least four other colours. It was functional, and I'm grateful that we have a kitchen, but its really quite ugly. Our new kitchen will beautiful, and even if its not (but it will be) it'll all be the same. No gaps, no different heights, no weird depth benches because we've shoved a breakfast bar into a corner. All the same kitchen.
But there's a process before we get there. First the floor plan of the to-be finished product. It's not very to scale, the bench behind the fridges actually meets the new wall.
These photos were taken in March this year and are pretty similar to the photos from 2014.

Taken looking over the lounge room wall

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