30 June 2016

Kitchen Part 6 - Day 3 of the real renovations

There's been a week's hiatus from updates while we waited for the bench tops to be made. They were installed this morning. Tomorrow the plumber and electrician return. Tomorrow night we should have a working sink, stove top and oven. Woohoo. Saturday, Matt the Magician, returns to install shelves and (I'm hoping) handles so I can open drawers and move in. I'm guessing we can't move in completely until the splashbacks are installed. But a working sink and stove will be wonderful.

Pantry area. The toaster and coffee machine will live in here.

The sink looks tiny in that vast expanse of benchtop, but it's actually quite large.

The green is just tape marking where the handles are to go.

One 'cupboard' I have been allowed to fill up. Looks so good. I'm so very pleased with it.

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