26 November 2009

Angel Bling

I promised photos of the angel bling I'm making for the Christmas carols. Still working on flowers, but here are the hair combs.
I cut a scrap of fabric slightly bigger than the sticky label of the parcel decoration. Didn't bother hemming it or anything, 'cause the whole lot is stuck to the decoration so it shouldn't fray. I folded over the top edge and added a strip of double sided tape.
Stick the fabric to the top of the comb using the double sided tape. Make sure the fabric is away from the comb, otherwise the decoration is going to make putting the comb in your hair problematic.
Sew the fabric to the comb. I went down the tines and then back up, just to make sure it wasn't going anywhere :-)
Peel the backing off the decoration and press firmly to the fabric. Make sure there's no sticky edges left uncovered. Sticky and hair aren't a good mix :-)
Finished angel bling. So easy, so cheap, so effective.

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