10 November 2009


I don't think any family read my blog :-) and if they do ... oh well.

Thinking of making placemats for Christmas. I want something simple that still looks effective. I figured out placemats are about (6 x4) 3 inch blocks or (3 x 2) 6 inch blocks. 3 inches is pretty darn small, and I'm not so hot on the accuracy. I think I've decided on simple half square triangles in dark & light scraps. If your'e not a quilter - take 24 squares of paper; draw a line diagonally through each one; colour one half in. Have fun arranging them in a 6 x 4 grid.

I have lots of scraps; HST aren't too hard. I figure on cutting the correct size square (think that's 3inch finished, plus 1/2 inch seams, plus 1/8th for the HST; have to check that), which will give me at least 2 blocks of each fabric. I can then layout each placemat slightly differently - diagonal lines, square in square, pathways etc. The repeating fabrics from placemat to placemat will make them a "set", but they'll each by unique.

These are a few of the options I came up with in EQ. Designing them is as far as I got today.


Jeri Dansky said...

Oh, too bad I'm not in your family; I'd love to get these! I really like the first three; I'm less fond of the last one.

SueBK said...

Actually, I did some rough maths in my head today. 6 blocks x 4 blocks is 24 blocks per placemat; roughly 20 placemats required; 480 blocks. That's 240 squares of fabric. No doubt, I have plenty of scraps that could be cut to 4 inch squares, but I could make myself a new double bed quilt for less effort LOL. I'm rethinking the reality of Christmas being only 6 weeks away.