14 November 2009

Saturday Mixed Bag

It seems that the 'forced' creativity has had the desired effect. I now find it much easier to spend time being creavity without it feeling like a chore.

Yesterday, in addition to starting the coasters, I finished the Girl's skirt. I think my shirring elastic is old. To get the skirt to fit tight enough there was barely any give left in the elastic. I pulled it out and threaded normal elastic instead. And hemmed it :-) (Hate hemming almost as much as buttons and buttonholes.)

Today I continued making coasters. Have done nine so far. Also made a pentagon ball. Petagon balls are very easy. Cut 12 pentagons. Pick one for a base (doesn't matter which one, 'cause they all look the same when it's finished). Sew a pentagon on each side of the base. Then sew the sides to each other. Make two of these, sew them together, stuff. The original pattern used paper templates and hand stitching. I'm not much of a hand sewer. I machine sew. When working the base I start each seam at the beginning of the fabric, but finish 1/4 inch before the end. This gives neat corners. I won't post a picture 'cause it's a Christmas present, and it might be a bit obvious who it's for :-)

I also spent time in my garden. Pulled out the Madagascar beans. Grow fabulously, but we didn't particularly like them. I think if I soak them and then mash them before adding them to spag bol or something like that they should be fine. Pulled out the cabbages that had been destroyed by cabbage moth :-( And generally just tidied up. Found about half a dozen self planted potatoes. Not sure if I'm happy about that or not.

And now it's bed time.

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Jenny said...

Hi there. Just loved your comment a couple of posts back "don't think my family read my blog". Don't think mine are interested either! I'm making my daughter a quilt and I will be able to blog about it to my heart's content and she will never see her surprise as it evolves. I'm sure they don't realize that quilters have interesting lives.