02 November 2009

Finished Holster

I stayed home today; not feeling 100% and so had the opportunity to already finish the hand stitching on my holster.

The finished product. It has two pockets on the ends and a pin/needle book.

It's worn around the neck and everything is right where it's handy (and difficult to take a photo of :-)

The pin book includes a flap with a magnet; handy for when you're pulling pins out of machine work (maybe I won't put them in my mouth any more); and a felt pad for storing them more long term.

I think this will be very handy when I'm hand stitching in the lounge room. I usually use a little basket to keep things handy; but this will work even better.


Al said...

What a great idea, Sue - is it a pattern form a shop or an online one? I really like the colours you picked!

SueBK said...

The pattern comes from Inspired to Quilt by Melanie Testa.