01 November 2009


I made more stickers today. Little smiley faces in jail LOL. The Man is a prison chaplain and works every 2nd Sunday in a different prison. Each prison has different service times. These new stickers have the prison name on them, so The Girl & I know where he is and when he's due home.

The original clip art is a smiley astronaut. I put the name badge over the stars on his helmet and the bars on the front.

I also continued working on my sewing holster. It's almost finished but the binding HAS to be sewn by hand :-( They say to cut it 1 1/4 inch wide. The instructions seem to indicate that it's folded like normal binding, but aren't very clear. I've had to trim the layers right back to be able to wrap it over. I'm almost half way there with the hand stitching. Maybe photos tomorrow :-)

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