16 November 2009


Can't remember what my last post was about. Hmmm, Saturday. What did I get up to on Sunday? Seems so long ago even though today's only Monday. The Girl and I went shopping for bits and pieces, and dragged The Man along with us.

She wanted clay, I wanted fabric for my scrap quilt borders. I've been distracted however. It's that time of year again. Our annual Christmas Carols in the Park is just around the corner. I volunteered to look after the costumes. I love costumes. You can cheat like billy-o and no-one notices. Because it's in the park, in front a thousand or so people, under huge flood lights, everything has to be *BIG*. Last year I added large blingy collars and sashes to the angels. This year I stumbled upon arrangements of holly leaves and bells and such like, smoothered in glitter. The Girl and I agree they'd make wonderful hair accessories or brooches for angels. In my wisdom (BWAHAHAHA) I decided I could make them for about 1/4 of the price. I spent some time yesterday experimenting with glitter and glue and making mess. More experimenting to come this week.

I did make some wonderful (and cheap) hair pieces. Take one hair comb, one scrap of fabric, and one sticky backed over the top silver bow/ribbon arrangement (officially used on presents). I have photos but no camera access at the moment. I sewed the scrap of fabric to the comb; stuck the bow on the fabric. Sticking the bow straight on the comb had a few problems - sticky in hair, not good, and high likelihood of it falling off. I'll post clearer instructions and photos at some point.

The other thing I did yesterday was put together the "Mummy Care Package" for a baby shower I'm going to in a couple of weeks. I had lots of fun finding yummy things for mummies and probably spent far more than I planned. But it's so much fun to spoil someone with all the things you'd like someone to spoil you with :-)

Today I finalised my coaster pressies for rellies. I bought an assortment of tea and coffee bags to stuff them with. They're all wrapped and waiting to be posted! How darn organised is that?

One my cards for this week:
Borders on the scrap quilt
Finish quilting the last block of Thomas and cut binding to sew it all together
Further experimentation with angel bling.

I think that's enough to be going on with :-)

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