30 October 2009

Catch Up

Wednesday - creatively talked my way into an early mark from work so I could come home and go to bed and read. It was a coolish afternoon 'cause it rained; perfect weather for snuggling up with a book. Nothing else achieved LOL.

Thursday - I cooked Burmese Chicken. A fairly standard curry recipe - cumin, tummeric, cardamon. But with lots of ginger (fresh and powdered!), lemon grass and oddly enough, cinnamon sticks. It was very good. I've tried my hand at about 1/2 dozen different curries and I'm pretty consistent at producing the goods. Which helps make up for my more traditional meals (spag bol, meat and three veg, and the like), which aren't so consistent. Or maybe its just that I don't like them whether they're good or not. The others seem to polish them off without complaint.

I've sorted my main project for my upcoming quilting retreat (just one week left)

The fabrics. These aren't my thing at all. I recognise that they're very pretty, but they don't float my boat. However, I know the person I'm planning on giving the quilt to will love them.

The book:

The pattern. The idea is that you make 6 different blocks using 6 different FQs (and a background fabric - my beige FQs). You then decide on a layout to suit yourself, filling in gaps with extra blocks or left over fabric from the FQs/BG fabric. I saw one a friend made and I loved it.


Sally Westcott said...

You're back in the groove! Good girl! You faught your way back!

Welcome back to the world of creating!


Sally in Hobart


Banaghaisge said...

I saw those FQs and thought "Wow, they are lovely".
Does this mean the quilt is for me????
I love the pattern, too!
I am glad you got your groove back, too.
Hugs and have a lovely retreat this w/e,

Banaghaisge said...

ah, I should have read this again before I asked where you got today's pattern from!!!
It does look superb!